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Our goal is to help parents and student-athletes avoid these common mistakes and many other pitfalls of the recruitment process.

1. Not having their player properly evaluated. You should know how your athlete rates and where they stand among others at their position and grade level.

2. Waiting until their Junior or Senior Year to become serious about the recruiting process.

3. Not having a game plan for their athlete's skill and performance development.

4. Depending on their high school coach to help them secure a scholarship offer.

5. Over estimating your player's competition level.

6. Not establishing relationships with coaches early in the process. Thinking athletic ability and skill alone will secure a scholarship offer.

The Importance of Athletic Evaluations "Report Cards"

When we think about our academic careers we understand the purpose of receiving progress reports and report cards. Those evaluative tools show students their areas of strength and also growth opportunities by which they can get better. Academic Report Cards and Progress Reports are important because they:

- Provide a chance for the student to see the fruits of their labor

- Students receive a measurement of progress which is compared against established criteria and guidelines (GPA)

- Progress reports provide a basis for creating a plan to improve. 

Ultimately continuing to become a better student serves you well as you compete against other students who choose not to take advantage of the academic progress information provided.

The same can be said regarding athletic evaluations. Without an athletic evaluation your player has no way of knowing or understanding where he or she stands against local, regional or national competition when it comes to scholarship offers. By having your student-athlete evaluated, your athlete will have the information needed in order to devise a plan of improvement. Your athlete will also gain a clear understanding of the types of college programs looking that are scouting for student-athletes that fit his or her profile. 

National College Preps worked with a combination of professionals ranging from former Pro-Athletes, College Counselors, Scouts, former Division-I Athletes, and Coaches to create a unique evaluation system. Similarly to the academic report cards, the NCP Athletic Evaluation utilizes a variety of established criteria to provide feedback on the student-athletes:

NCP Evaluations Include

- Multiple Assessments for each evaluation

- Projection of future Collegiate Competition Level

- Position Change (if recommended)

- Game/Highlight Film Analysis

- National College Preps Player Rating

- Summary Evaluation added to the Prospect’s Recruiting Profile located at

Obtaining a National College Preps Evaluation is Simple

Through sites like HULD and YouTube, it is easy for student-athletes to create film and showcase themselves. The thing most people do not realize is that they may actually be exposing themselves in an inopportune way.

Having film reviewed by National College Preps during an evaluation will not only enable student-athletes to perform better as a result of properly utilizing the feedback provided back to them, but they will also understand which direction to take their game film prior to submitting it to coaches.

National Scouting Directory

All student-athletes who have received an evaluation will be able to move to the marketing phase of their process.
Building a Recruitment Profile with National College Preps will allow athletes the added benefit of sharing who they are, what they have accomplished, and what they can do. Each player profile will include:

- Player Name, School, and Location

- Position(s) Played

- Graduation Class

- Prospect Uploaded Photo

- Highlight Film links provided by Prospects

- Social Media URLs for Coaches to follow

- Biography section to include Overall GPA, Core GPA, Awards, Accolades, Personal statements and more

- Achievement Section

- National Player Rating

- Games/Camps/Tournament evaluations as witnessed by NCP Media

- National College Preps also offers a Personalized Webpage Add-on for High School Prospects (Middle School Packages include the webpage).

This will make your evaluation stand out to coaches and there will never be a mistake as to who people are viewing when they visit the player’s personalized webpage. The NCP brand building and marketing plan makes it easier for coaches to see everything they need to be able to evaluate the player.

The ultimate goal for NCP members is to get on college campuses. Coaches are encouraged to add their camp schedules to the NCP Events calendar. Coaches may also alert specific prospects of their camps through the NCP platform. Each Prospect’s individual contact information will be available to coaches should they choose to make personal contact. 

Getting Started!