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NCAA Division I coaches are permitted to subscribe to this service for Men's Basketball and Football. For more information, visit:

If you are like 99% of student-athletes, then you struggle with understanding where you are as a college prospect and where to begin the process. That's ok.

Everything we do at National College Preps is designed to properly guide student-athletes and their parents in preparing for college athletics. Our uniquely developed process is easy to use and proven to be effective.
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It will always be the goal of NCP to remain the leader in genuinely helping student-athletes control their recruitment. National College Preps was created to provide student-athletes a platform to help them organize their recruiting efforts. It all starts with the creation of your recruiting profile as a joint effort between you and NCP.


As soon as you finish the easy registration process, your information is immediately available in the National Scouting Directory. Access to that directory is exclusively made available to National College Preps members. Your profile is set up to contain information necessary for college and university staffs to not only have an interest in you as a student-athlete, but also the leverage needed to get you on campus.


When you build a profile with National College Preps you are building your brand. You will shine as your completed profile also includes your own webpage link that is only available to NCP members. Our members stand out in a way no other service can provide.